Thursday, January 25, 2007

Resources for Researching Foundations

The best comprehensive free resource for foundations is Guidestar

It allows the user to look at 990s, which give all available information on a foundation. Guidestar is also useful for finding other non-profit boards.

Another resource is Foundations Online which provides links to a variety of foundation websites.

Larger foundations usually have their own sites, with up-to-date grants lists and foundation guidelines.

The two largest for-fee information services are

Foundation Center

Foundation Center has a free foundation finder which provides basic information. It also has a list of foundations trustees, which can be found here

and Foundation Search America (Metasoft)

which has many nifty features, including the ability to download grant information into an Excel spreadsheet

It can be useful to look at the local community foundation website to see if an individual has set up a donor-advised fund.

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