Sunday, January 20, 2019

Research Resources--Basics


I've just started this blog to provide a resource for beginning researchers, with a special focus on beginning researchers in the Pacific Northwest.

I think the most important resource a beginning researcher can have is a library card. Most libraries provide access to many of their best databases from your desktop. This includes newspaper and obituary databases, business databases, and in some cases foundation resources.

Two libraries which provide excellent database access are

the Multnomah County Library

and the King County Library

If you are eligible to get a card for either of these libraries, you are in luck. They both provide many useful resources for research. If you are not eligible, talk to your local librarian about what databases your library has available. Often you can get a "community" or "friend" card from a local college library.

This blog will be divided into three parts

Resources for Researching Individuals

Resources for Researching Corporations

Resources for Researching Foundations

Whenever possible I'll provide a mixture of library resources and free internet based resources.